DASH Annual Report

DASH Annual Report


By the end of its first year in 2013, DASH updated its mission from supporting those living with diabetes to instilling the belief that you can flourish and thrive because of diabetes. The organization directly reached 479 youth and 130 parents in 2013, and hopes to strengthen its impact on 1,000 youth living with diabetes, 1,000 at-risk youth, and 1,000 parents by the end of 2014. The blog and other social media platforms bypassed 15,000 unique views in November and DASH programs included 4 camps and over a dozen collaborations for World Diabetes Day and other diabetes related events. Oakland Raiders quarterback, Terrell Prior, cornerbacks Chimdi Chekwa, and Phillip Adams, and one Raiderette living with diabetes attended the collaborative Camp One in Menlo Park with DASH the JDRF.


DASH doubled its scholarships in the South Bay and East Bay communities. It intends to extend its reach to the greater San Francisco bay area in 2014. Scholarships are awarded to almost anyone who applies, in keeping with DASH’s goal to reduce the financial burden on its parents and families. In the coming year, DASH will double up its total volunteers and aims to raise $60,000 for its continuous projects in Oakland, the South Bay and the rest of the SF Bay Area. With heightened monetary ambitions, DASH looks to solidify and sustain our current programs and make an even bigger impact throughout the year!!!


In looking back on a great first year made possible by you (the diabetes community), DASH is looking forward to the sophomore season, which will be twice as good!


Lots of love,


The DASH Team.


PS if you are curious here is a link to the annual report for 2013 and for more photos and videos check out our photostream !


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