Reconnected and It Feels So Good! Breaking Up with my pump and some

Imagine what your perfect Endocrinologist’s Office would look like. I imagine a Basketball Gym, HbA1c and lab in the office, downloads of everything I have at the time, an open room for me and my type 3’s with also just a room for me. I would love to go to the Endo’s office once a year and see everybody (CDE, ENDO, Dietician, Social Worker and Young Patient Advocate like myself) in about an hour or hour in a half. In between each Endo visit I would like to have email and phone contact with my case manager who helps be my guide in figuring out the turbulent waves of the health care ocean for people living with diabetes. What’s your ideal Endocrinologist Office look like?



Here is a rapid fire synopsis from the last 4 four weeks:


  1. Pump Failed
  2. Slime ball mistake charge by Medtronic
  3. Blue Shield of CA incompetency. (Feels as if they are trying to make you so frustrated to the point where you make bad decisions). The frustration was due to a poor encoding error, could have been prevented the whole sh-bang.
  4. Primemail Pharmacy painstakingly process that involves some important supplies, and delivery made difficult with inadequate administration and in house communication.
  5. Covered CA didn’t make it easier, but was a part of the picture
  6. Broke up with my pump, got back together and now on injections



Ommmmmmmm, bad word, Ommmmm bad word, ommmmmm shanti shanti shanti. Time will tell between my pump and I. In the end, the last 6 months I’ve noticed a big increase with infections to my set sight. My thoughts are that the plastic has changed in the silhoute set (predicting a recall in 3 years) and this has brought a more habitable climate for the microbes of the globe, meaning that my sights have lasted from 4-5 days to 1 or 2 days.


My emotional frustration leered me toward action and with writing, my words lost their venom and so did my frustration. The road through change and transition is not easy, and many times the curves of the gravel can throw you off, but there are ways through it.


Using the last 4 weeks as a case study, we have developed some key principles for navigating the health world as a 20 something.


  1. Treat others how you wish to be treated
  2. Document all names and titles of people whom you talk to
  3. Background research through website or via phone as “new customer” with each company involved
  4. Follow Up
  5. Don’t empower the hurt – believe in yourself in the midst of the bull merde in which these powerful institutions will try to make you feel weak and incompetent


In the end, my take away message is that it does not matter what style or method of diabetes management that you do. In fact change might be a good thing, and also remember together we are Giant (World Series Photo above).


Thanks for reading and Happy belated Holidays. We need to raise $4,000 to build up 50 youth, adults and the experienced to become Champions because of Diabetes at our DeFremery Park DASH Camp and potential skate park extravaganza.



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