Flashback to Middle School

This blog story is about a circular journey between two people who crisscross paths in the diabetes energy universe.

SPLASH, woke up from a dream with Wilt Chamberlain and crew winning it all for California. My alarm was just in time to wake me up for work at Highland Hospital and then later meet with Coach Aaron from Willard Middle School.

willard(Mr. Williams my 8th grade History and English teacher)

Now we both have been coaches – one, a lawyer and father of two, the other, me, Lucas Fogarty, founder of DASH. My 8th grade coach for the Willard Warriors, was diagnosed with diabetes during the season of a magical 8th grade year that ended with my career high double double with 38 pts. Athletically I reached my peak in 8th grade, but my diabetes identity was just beginning to sprout.

Two summers before, in 6th grade I went to teen camp at Bearskin Meadows (BMC). Also at BMC, Aaron was a part of the H-Team, a new 3-counselor squad to represent the quickest acting insulin of the time, Humolog, also known as Lispro in the medical world. The H-Team balanced time against the Hyperglycemic Gangsters: Captain Ketone, Sargent Stressor, Over-Carb Commander, and Freddy Forgetful First Sargent.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 11.29.13 AM

(Camper Lucas is bottom center)

The Battle for in-range blood sugars, set in the lovely Forest of Bearskin Meadows, changed our lives forever. Living with and helping people living with diabetes brings out an extremely powerful energy. As a past camper, becoming a counselor and doing nothing special except share my experience with diabetes just seemed to make others feel better. It’s almost as if they had to see a happy life with diabetes to believe that it was possible. It feels as if we counselors can substitute the every second burden of diabetes, with hope that a good full life is possible, just by being ourselves. It’s hope in a physical way, and maybe to some, it’s better than a cure.

Back in March, Coach Aaron and I reconnected while watching March Madness basketball. He’s quite a fantastic lawyer and advocate for people living with diabetes in addition to having a beautiful family of his own. You may have heard him speak at Carb DM events or during the Transition Day at UCSF. (If you haven’t you should go to the next one because he’s the real deal when it comes to giving back to the diabetes community.) Many years ago, we helped him with his diagnosis and now he is continuing the circle by giving his time and energy back to the diabetes community. He may not be the basketball player of old, but neither am I; but this time around we can both set temporary basils and know that we’re bonded by this special and sometimes not-so-great life condition we have, called Livabetes.


Thanks again for reading, and seriously go to a diabetes camp that fits you, it could change your life for the better.





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