Welcome!! DASH Sports Education is a unique non-profit organization comprised of athletes who have diabetes. Our mission is to instill the belief that you can flourish and thrive because of diabetes.

Through the pedagogy of sports and shared experience we seek to empower, support and sustain positive diabetes identities in youth, their friends/family members and the general population of diverse communities. People living with diabetes must overcome the anxiety of potential seizures, constant planning and discrimination when playing sports. To live with diabetes one has to be a work horse, and playing sports you have to work even harder, which is why DASH provides a safe environment, athletic role models and years of expert experience that creates a loving family around individuals, families and communities living with diabetes so they can DASH to livabetes!

If you would like to join our DASH community check out our website at DASHcamp.org, follow us on twitter (https://twitter.com/DASHSportsEDU) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/DASH-Sports-Education/407656915963551?ref=hl) or email at lucas@dashcamp.org

Thank You!


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